Why Should I Choose Varicose Vein Treatment? | El Paso TX

2019-08-12 13:07:00


Why Should I Choose Varicose Vein Treatment? | El Paso TX

For many patients, varicose veins cause pain or discomfort. Often the swelling, heaviness, and itchiness interfere with their daily lives and limit their mobility. With varicose vein treatment, patients can find relief and begin to get back to their daily activities.

How a Vein Specialist Can Help

By visiting a vein specialist in El Paso, TX, patients can easily find the best treatment options for their condition. Varicose veins are generally treated in the office as a quick outpatient procedure. Self-care can be beneficial, including exercise, weight loss, elevating your legs, wearing loose clothing and avoiding sitting and standing for long periods of time. The specialist may recommend wearing compression socks all day to provide a steady squeeze to legs, helping your veins and leg muscles circulate blood more effectively.

The vein specialist will apply a comprehensive approach to examining and diagnosing our patients which ensure that the patient receives the best treatment suited for his or her particular health condition.

Common Types of Varicose Vein Treatment

The most common treatment options that provided for patients suffering from varicose veins are radio frequency ablation and endovenous laser therapy.

Radio Frequency Ablation is a minimally invasive treatment method is used to treat varicose veins by delivering radio frequency energy to the vein using a small catheter. The radio frequency energy heats up vein causing the veins to shrink around the catheter. The catheter is then removed. The vein is then sealed shut to allow blood to flow naturally through healthy veins.

Endovenous Laser Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that offers patients a more convenient and quick way to eradicate varicose veins. It uses laser energy to close malfunctioning veins so as to improve blood flow as well as causing faulty veins to be absorbed by the body.

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