Can varicose veins be removed?

2018-06-14 15:56:00


Can varicose veins be removed?

Varicose veins make for one of the most common vein diseases in the United States. It is characterized by bulging veins of a blue or purple hue caused by pooling of blood as a result of backflow in the leg veins.

Can varicose veins be removed?

Varicose veins are an age-old disorder whose treatment has come a long way. The results can be seen in the contemporary treatments offered today at vein centers. So, yes, varicose veins can be removed, and using several tested-and-tried procedures.

During varicose veins removal

Although there are multiple effective treatments for varicose veins, only surgery can guarantee you the condition won’t redevelop as the veins are completely pulled out of the leg.

Varicose removal surgery is normally done under general anesthesia. If you’re allergic to some types of anesthetic, request details of the anesthetic to be used on you during consultation.

Before the surgery, your doctor will mark affected veins with a waterproof pen to distinguish them from health veins. Your doctor will then make small incisions through which the damaged veins will be pulled out. Several incisions may have to be made if the entire vein has to be removed.

Next, the vein will be pulled out using a special tool and the incisions sealed using adhesive paper. Your leg will be bandaged and monitored for bleeding as your doctor waits for the anesthetic to recede.

After varicose vein removal

Once the surgery is over and your incisions have been closed, you will be taken to a recovery room as the doctor waits for you to wake up from the anesthetic. A nurse may be assigned to watch over you to ensure you’re not bleeding or experiencing pain before and after your wake up.

Alternatives to varicose veins removal

Other treatments close off the target veins and cause blood to reroute. The closed vein gradually fades out as it naturally gets absorbed into the blood stream over time.

Treatments that work this way include:

  1. Sclerotherapy foam treatment
  2. Endovenous laser treatment
  3. Radiofrequency ablation

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